Electric Motors

AMETEK PDS has developed a full line of both Brush and Brushless motors sized for various aircraft power requirements. Typical applications in which AMETEK PDS motors are used include Hydraulic Pump Drive motors, Air Conditioning Compressor Drives, Flap Drive and Actuator Drive motors. Motors can be customized to include integrated electronics such as soft start, over current protection, active EMI protection. Brush type motor sizes range from fractional horsepower to 12 hp. Power ratings for brushless motors range from fractional to 4 horsepower. All motors designed by AMETEK PDS meet or exceed all current RTCA/DO-160 requirements.

  • DC Brush Motor
    DC Brush Motor

    AMETEK PDS has developed and produced a wide range of brushed DC electric motors with voltage ratings of 18 - 32 VDC.

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  • DC Brushless Motor
    DC Brushless Motor

    Our brushless motors are ruggedized motors for extreme high temperature applications, specialized packaging, EMI filtering

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