Electrical Heater Controllers

Electrical Heater Controller

AMETEK’s Electrical Heater Controllers (EHC) are designed to provide temperature control functions for heating units in the aircraft. The EHC is used to control and monitor electrical power to the electrical heaters which provide supplemental heat to the aircraft. Our Electrical Heater Controllers have the ability to detect overheat and power fault conditions and turn off the power to Electrical heaters, eliminating dangerous conditions on the aircraft.

Electrical heaters may be used as supplemental heating sources in instances where the primary heating system does not provide sufficient heating energy, or to control the temperature of small compartments. Our Heater Controllers directly interface with the heater unit to perform the necessary functions. In addition, our heater controllers can provide power system diagnostics and prognostics, which can alert the operator to the required maintenance actions, thereby eliminating expensive repairs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Heater control and monitoring
  • Status reporting
  • Extensive built-in-test capabilities with fault isolation
  • Multiple safety features that prevent an overheat condition
  • Aircraft power bus protection

Electrical Heater Controllers are available in Multi-Channel (12 heaters) and single Channel rated up to 6 KW certified for both 115VAC, 230VAC, wild frequency applications and are currently in service around the globe on all types of aircraft.