Corporate Partners

AMETEK PDS and AMETEK SFMS are part of AMETEK Measurement and Power Systems (MPS), a business unit of our parent company AMETEK. For additional information about our parent company, please visit

Companies listed below are sister companies of AMETEK PDS in the Aerospace and Defense sector


AMETEK Sensors and Fluid Management Systems is a leader in aircraft and engine sensors for temperature, pressure, flow, fluid level, acceleration, proximity, angle of attack, displacement, vibration, speed and position.

AMETEK Airtechnology

AMETEK Airtechnology Group (AAG) specializes in the design, development, manufacture and through life support of Thermal Management Systems for the Aerospace, Defense, Rail and Oil and Gas industries. With a rich history, Airtechnology offers end to end service, developing innovative solutions and then delivering them to the global marketplace.

AMETEK Hughes-Treitler

AMETEK Hughes-Treitler (HT) is the industry leader in high-performance, plate-fin, Aluminum/Inconel heat exchangers for Military and Commercial Engine, Rotary, Airframe, and similar applications. HT specializes in custom build-to-specifications applications where thermal performance, weight, structural and reliability are key considerations. HT provides Engine Surface Coolers, Fuel-Cooled Oil Coolers, Air-Cooled Oil Coolers, high temperature Buff/Pre-Coolers, and bundled Heat Exchanger/Fan/Blower/Duct systems for the most challenging applications/requirements.


AMETEK Rotron is the industry leader in the design, development, manufacture and through life support of high performance, high reliability AC and brushless DC Fans, Blowers, and Cooling Systems. With over 25 product active families, we offer the widest available military and aerospace cooling product range in the world, along with a capability to use our field proven core product baselines to create unique configurations - addressing system specific space, weight noise, power and system interface requirements.