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Compressor Motors

New coverage for Compressor Motor repairs
Ensure a cool and comfortable cabin and cockpit with a fully overhauled aircraft A/C Compressor Drive Motor by our expert service center in Wichita, KS. We've recently expanded our Compressor Motor repair service coverage to include the following part numbers.

AMETEK PDS Part #      Customer Part #
 MB76A-1   1250151
 MB76C-2   1134104-1
 N/A   1134104-5
 N/A   1134104-6
 MB76C-1   1250104
 N/A   1250104-1
 N/A   1250104-2

As the OEM, we know every nut and bolt on these motors. Each unit we receive is fully inspected, evaluated and refurbished to ensure a superior overhaul and maximize time between overhauls (TBO). In addition, our in-house capabilities for rewinds and other processes minimize down time, ensuring your aircraft is back in the air quickly.
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  • Rapid RFQ system
  • Competitive pricing
  • OEM manufacturer = OEM parts
  • In-house rewinds
  • Quality guarantee
  • Maximum reliability
  • Quick turnaround time
FAA: 002R064L  EASA: 145.019

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