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Solid State Relays

11067 Series Solid State Relay

Our Solid State Relays (SSR) are small remotely controllable power contactors and circuit breakers with over-current and arc-fault protection. All electronics are conformal coated and the enclosures allow for installation in severe vibration environments.

Controlled by a simple ground / open input discrete, our 28VDC SSRs are capable of switching up to 50A continuously across the full operating temperature range. All discrete and power lines are protected from EMI, lightning and power-line variations. Because of the device's solid-state design, which uses low on-resistance MOSFET technology, contact wear is eliminated. In addition, switching speed performance is significantly faster compared to electro-mechanically equivalent switches and circuit breakers. 

Ours SSR's are capable of reporting status over integrated 3-wire SPI serial communication interface. This enables the SSR to report the voltage, current and trip status.

Features and Benefits:

  • User adjustable trip curve and trip-free reset
  • No heat sink required at ambient <71° C
  • Discrete trip status output
  • No bias supply required
  • Low off state leakage
  • Adjustable trip settings for over-current and surge events
  • Patented "fail-open" circuitry
  • Backup input pin for housekeeping power
  • DO-160G Section 22: Level 4 lighting transient protected
  • Low voltage drop: efficiency >99.6%
  • Damage free interrupting capacity >750A
  • Voltage, current and trip status over SPI bus
  • Solid-state MOSFET technology eliminates contact wear problems