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Generator Control Units

Generator Control Unit

Patented Technology

We have decades of experience in developing and manufacturing Starter Generators and Generator Control Units (GCU) and have become the aerospace industry leaders in size, weight, power output and reliability.

Our versatile GCU's can be tailored for your exact specifications including single or twin-generator system designs. Developed with a patented technology designed to provide exceptional voltage regulation, fault protection, soft start and soft battery charge features along with an enhanced built-in test (BIT) function capability.

These key features have enabled us the opportunity to produce numerous analog and digital generator control units each customized for the individual customers’ needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Soft start feature for prolonged battery life and increased engine performance
  • Dual magnetic latching relay design for increased reliability
  • Triple-redundant overvoltage protection
  • Voltage regulation
  • Start contactor and line contactor control
  • Paralleling control (if needed)
  • Adjustable voltage setting, field weakening and automatic starter cutout
  • Reverse current, anti-cycling, open shunt field and ground fault protection
  • Dead bus build-up ability
  • Selective trip
  • RTCA / DO-160D and RCTA / DO-178B, Level B requirement compliant
Watch our GCU's in action in this cross-engine start simulation we filmed in our lab!

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