Power Distribution (AMPHION)

As a recognized leader in power distribution, AMETEK PDS offers a complete range of power generation and distribution solutions, designed to solve simple and complex problems for the aerospace industry with the capability to integrate all parts of the generation and distribution system.

AMETEK’s power distribution products are based on the patented AMPHION™ solid state power controller design. AMPHION™ products utilize AMETEK's patented fail-open technology for reliable control of electrical power. Every AMPHION™ device is capable of switching power, monitoring current/voltage and, detecting arc faults. Our product solutions include remote control and programmable power management. The modular design of our products ensures cost effectiveness and replaces relays, circuit breakers, pulsed-power controllers, and power monitor devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Small, cool, and safe
  • Detects arc faults and is patented to fail open
  • FET based for low power dissipation
  • Reduced system weight (10%-25%) and wiring
  • Higher reliability
  • Reduced customer engineering
  • Primary Power Distribution Unit
    Primary Power Distribution Unit

    AMETEK's aircraft Primary Power Distribution unit (PDU) provides reliable primary power bus connectivity, transfer and distribution functions to electrically controlled devices.

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  • Secondary Power Distribution Unit
    AC Secondary Power Distribution

    Distribute, control and protect using our 3-phase 115 VAC aircraft Secondary Power Distribution Unit.

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  • DC Secondary Power Distribution Unit
    DC Secondary Power Distribution

    Our single and dual channel DC SPDU's are rugged, safe, powerful and passively cooled allowing flexibility for use in locations throughout the aircraft.

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  • Power Distribution Unit
    Power Distribution Unit

    Our rugged Power Distribution Unit (PDU) replaces centralized circuit breaker panels on the aircraft allowing for power to be more efficiently distributed and controlled via a data bus.

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  • Solid State Relay
    Solid State Relays

    Our adjustable aircraft Solid State Relays are designed to trip on arcs and over-current events without false tripping on normal inrush currents.

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  • Circuit Breaker Panel
    Circuit Breaker Panels

    Can be customized for your aircraft to incorporate the electronic circuitry required for panel illumination, circuit breaker status monitoring and more!

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