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Power Distribution

As a recognized leader in power distribution, AMETEK PDS offers a complete range of COTS and custom AC and DC power distribution solutions designed to solve simple and complex problems for the aerospace & defense industry, and with the expertise to integrate all parts of the generation and distribution system.

AMETEK PDS power distribution products are based on our patented solid-state power controller design. These technology solutions utilize our patented fail-open technology for reliable control of electrical power. Each Power Distribution Unit is capable of switching power, monitoring current / voltage and, detecting arc faults. Our product solutions include remote control, and programmable power management. The modular design of our products ensures cost effectiveness and replaces relays, circuit breakers, pulsed-power controllers, and power monitor devices for weight savings and simplified aircraft design.

Features and Benefits

  • Small, cool, and safe
  • Detects arc faults and is patented to fail open
  • FET based for low power dissipation
  • Reduces system weight  by up to 30%
  • Solid-state speed and reliability 
  • Reduced customer engineering
  • Built-in automatic load control