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Our rugged Linear and Rotary Actuators are used in various commercial, business and military aerospace and defense applications such as flaps, surface trim, canopy, cabin doors, ram air doors, valve control, cargo locks, weapons systems and much more. We can design individual custom rotary or linear actuators or develop complete custom aircraft actuation systems for your application. Our vast experience and extensive engineering capabilities allow us to deliver a unique actuator design to meet your requested technical specifications. When you work with PDS, you benefit from our ability to optimize actuator design, because we design and manufacture our own motors in-house, guaranteeing the optimal match of motor to actuator.

Features and Benefits

  • 50 lb force to 5,000 lb force
  • Up to 16-inch stroke
  • Integral brakes, clutches, fail safe release
  • Limit switches and position indication
  • Driven with brushed and brushless motors
  • Linear Actuator
    Linear Actuators

    Design and manufacturing of industry leading Linear Actuator solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry

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  • Rotary Actuator
    Rotary Actuators

    Design and manufacturing of industry leading Rotary Actuation solutions for commercial, business and military aircraft & tactical vehicles across the globe

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