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DC Secondary Power Distribution

Secondary Power Distribution Unit

Lightweight and Flexible

The DC Secondary Power Distribution Unit (SPDU) is an aerospace and mil-spec electronic circuit breaker unit that leverages digital communications and the use of solid-state technology to develop a highly configurable, rugged, flexible and lightweight power distribution system for today's modern Jets, Helicopters, UAVs and Armored Tactical Vehicles. Our proven SPDU system design uses less cockpit panel space and reduces wiring and circuit breaker requirements for lower overall system weight and more space for other equipment.

Designed to provide circuit and wiring protection, our SPDU also offers built-in advanced convenience and safety features. The system has configurable arc-fault protection, pulse width modulation, remote load power control, load power monitoring, automated load shedding and other prognostic and diagnostic maintenance activities.

Our SPDUs are available in single and dual-channel versions. Both are capable of distributing up to 144A of DC current per channel continuously at up to 70°C and can be configured with up to 27 power outputs per channel, each protected by independent Solid State Power Controllers (SSPCs).

Features and Benefits:

  • Certified on over 25 civilian and military fixed wing and rotorcraft applications
  • 30% reduction in system weight through the absorption of other system functions
  • Reduced pilot workload by automated load shedding and conditional control logic
  • DAL A (flight critical) hardware and software
  • Tested to MIL-STD-461E HIRF standards to Army and Navy limits
  • Patented arc-fault and open fail technology
  • Reconfigurable discrete logic control of outputs without software change
  • Vibration certified for fixed wing, turbo jet, turbo prop, helicopter and aircraft / ground vehicle gunfire
  • No external cooling system needed
  • Submersible up to 39.2" (1m)
  • Channel paralleling for higher current loads
  • Customizable trip-curve tailoring
  • Solid-state speed and reliability for advanced wire protection
  • Ability to modulate outputs for utility control (speed, lighting, heating)
  • Discrete inputs for load control and data acquisition
  • Steady-state current: Up to 288A
  • Solid-state power controllers: Up to 54 
For additional specs, view the data sheet below.
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