DC Secondary Power Distribution

Secondary Power Distribution Unit

The DC Secondary Power Distribution Unit (SPDU) leverages digital communications and the use of solid-state technology to develop a highly configurable, flexible and lightweight power distribution system. The SPDU, also known as a REPU, is designed to be used in multiple locations throughout the aircraft or military ground vehicle and employs the latest design features to address the most current safety and performance requirements.

Our SPDUs are available in single and dual-channel versions. The dual-channel SPDU is capable of switching up to 288 amps of 28V DC current and controlling up to 54 independent channels using Solid State Power Controllers (SSPCs). The single-channel SPDU controls up to 27 channels and otherwise contains identical components to those found inside of the dual-channel SPDU including the software.

Features and Benefits:

  • Attractive solution based on weight, space and performance advantages
  • Dual redundant data bus and control
  • Ability to modulate outputs for utility control (speed, lighting, heating)
  • Patented arc-fault and open-fail technology
  • Discrete inputs for load control and data acquisition
  • Software-free customization of load management using configuration tables
  • Passively cooled
  • Higher power: 288 or 144 amps
  • Outputs: 54 channels or 27 channels
  • AS4805 and AS6019 full compatibility
  • Up to 25% reduction in system weight

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