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Low-Profile Secondary Power Distribution

Power Distribution Unit

Our low-profile solid-state secondary power distribution units (SPDUs) replace centralized circuit breaker and relay panels to provide a more advanced, smaller and lighter weight solution of power management. These SPDUs are designed to be remotely located throughout the aircraft and managed using a robust digital data bus. The result is significant system and harness weight savings and the ability to easily accommodate customizations that are commonplace in interior and VIP aircraft designs. Along with superior circuit protection, our solid-state SPDUs also provide additional enhanced integration and maintenance benefits including automated load control capability and electrical system health monitoring consolidated into a single lightweight box.

Our low-profile SPDU is a thin, flat packaged array of AC or DC thermally mounted Solid State Power Controllers (SSPC) on a carrier board, offering a RS485 control bus. Each SPDU has provisions for master rest and each individual SSPC can be addressed and each output status can be displayed. Each SPDU connects to a field adjustable personality module that customizes each output on the SPDU to a specific trip setting and multiple applications.

Features and Benefits:

  • Customization through field adjustable rotary dip switches in removable personality module
  • AC = 12 channels, DC = 16 channels
  • EMI shielded aluminum cover
  • Replaceable bus bar mounted contactors
  • Advanced load management
  • Attractive solution based on weight, size and performance
  • No active cooling is required