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AC Secondary Power Distribution



Distribute, control and protect using our 3-phase 115 VAC Secondary Power Distribution Unit (SPDU). This new aerospace and mil-spec electronic circuit breaker unit is capable of continuously delivering 180A across 24 independent SSPC outputs and replaces traditional circuit breakers and switching relays with industry leading solid-state performance, flexibility and safety.

Designed for all load types, the AC SPDU provides arc-fault protection and our patented fail-open protection while remaining compatible to MIL-STD-704 and DO-160 requirements for surge, in-rush currents and EMI / EMC. It also provides extensive redundancy, self-testing and maintenance logging to assure load and wire protection and provide troubleshooting tools. 

Customize for your application without software modifications. Using uploadable data tables, remotely configure the SPDU to meet new performance requirements, add timing and control logic, support a wide-range of loads or quickly adapt to specific missions or optional detail packages.  

Reduce Aircraft Wiring

Using a distributed power control system greatly reduces the amount of wiring needed since each wire is not required to route to a centralized location. Reducing the wire runs simplifies installation, saves weight, and increases power system reliability.

Arc Fault Detection

Our technology solutions sensing capability can also be used to trip on intermittent arc faults produced by wire insulation failure. The arc fault sensing is designed to recognize the unique signature of an arc without tripping on turn-on transients from motors, lamps, etc. The ability to detect arc faults is an added feature that increases safety in aircraft power distribution and complies with new certification requirements.

Unique Failsafe Design

Unlike other solid-state products, the SPDU contains patented circuitry that prevents a failure in a short-circuited condition. This means that a failure will not cause a critical load to remain powered in an unprotected and uncontrolled manner. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 21 kVA continuous distribution
  • Advanced wire and load protection
  • Fully configurable I²T compatible protection
  • Single and multi-phase load configurable
  • Channel paralleling for higher current loads
  • Precision low-noise zero-cross switching
  • Parametric burst-mode modulation
  • Detects arc faults and offers patented fail open technology
  • Solid-state speed and reliability
  • Passively cooled
  • Additional cockpit space
  • Absorption of other system functions
  • Load monitoring and prognostics
  • Reduced wiring and installation labor
  • Reduced part and model number count
  • Reduced pilot workload
  • Up to 30% reduction in system weight
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Watch sparks fly as you learn how our new AC Secondary Power Distribution Unit (SPDU) can provide advanced levels of arc fault protection compared to a traditional aircraft circuit breaker system!
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