Axial Fans & Blowers

Electrical Heater Controller

Our Axial and Vane Axial Fans and Blowers are available in brushed or brushless designs and are RTCA / DO160 certified. Our qualified product specifications are given below, but our team of talented engineers are ready to create optimized designs for all types of custom requirements. 

Our popular Axial designs are know for their general purpose ventilation at an economical price point, while Vane Axial designs are often used where increased performance and reduced noise are required. 

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Features and Benefits:

  • Brushed or brushless motors
  • Voltage rating: 18 - 32 VDC
  • Maximum Current of 9.5 - 60 Amps
  • Flows 150 - 1,600 CFM
  • Heating capability
  • Includes EMI filtering and brushless control