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Military Aircraft

Military Aircraft Products

We've been engineering and manufacturing innovative Aerospace & Defense solutions for over 90 years. Our lightweight Power Distribution systems, Data Acquisition & Monitoring systems, long life Starter Generators, rugged Actuation systems and Motors have been used on all types of Fighter Jets, Trainers, Helicopters, Special Missions Aircraft, Reusable Booster Systems and UAS / UAVs. Each COTS or custom designed product is specifically engineered to operate efficiently, effectively and reliably in harsh, battlefield environments.

In addition, we can replace obsolete helicopter and jet aircraft parts with innovative leading technology without adding weight or complexity. We have provided upgraded solutions for in-flight refuel panels, fuel quantity indicators, data concentration systems, and power generation and distribution systems on number of military aircraft, including the C130, MH-53, AWACS, KC-135, Global Hawk, S-70, B52 Predator, SK60 and more! Trust the innovation and experience of AMETEK PDS.

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